Sunday, November 29, 2009


Wow - I think I am still full from 4 days of eating and eating! We were so excited to welcome my mom, dad, and pop to our house again this year for Thanksgiving. We cooked a huge meal here on Thursday and just watched Football and hung out. I did get all my Christmas decorating finished Thursday because #1 I was ready to get it all out and #2 I didn't want it to interrupt my shopping plans on Friday. Mom and I woke up early (not crazy early, just 6:00am) and headed to Amarillo for some shopping. I almost thought I wasn't going to make it when we entered our first store, Toys R Us, which had been open since midnight... it was still packed with all sorts of people (some smelly), kids, pajama wearers, and chaos. BUT, we survived and I got almost all of my Christmas shopping finished - great for me! What a fun weekend it was. Here are some pics of Aves around the house. She did have a sinus infection this weekend, but was a trooper and loved having company at our house.
Wearing her princess accessories - or as she would say, "I princess Aurora!" Thanks Aunt Karla.
Helping Nona tear bread for the dressing.
Eating most of her pieces!
Tired baby sleeping with her Pop
Hmmm.... this peppermint ornament looked too good not to taste!
Figured out what to do with it.
Putting the star on the top.
Cooking in her kitchen wearing her leggins (that appear to be getting too short!)
Fell asleep wearing her apron while I was holding her and cooking
Enjoying some pumpkin pie
Playing with Papa
"Hold me Papa, I can help"
Such a big girl! Love her!

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