Monday, September 28, 2009

Remuda 2009

For those of you who are not familiar with the term Remuda - the actual definition is "a group of extra saddle horses kept kept as a supply of remounts." Therefore, I guess it is a fitting name for a big horse sale that occurs with 4 large ranches participating. The ranch Casey works for, the Four Sixes, is one of the participants. Each year, the cowboys have the opportunity to sale horses from their "string" (the horses assigned to them to break, ride, and care for). They get a small commission from the sale, but the majority of the proceeds go to the ranch. This year, there were 140 horses in the sale held at the Tongue River Ranch. Casey sold 2 horses - Hollywood and Spot (I know spot sounds like a dog name). The horses are demonstrated for buyers on Friday and then the sale takes place on Saturday where you just lead the horse through the ring while the auctioneer talks "a mile a minute." Our nephew Boone helped Casey demonstrate how gentle Hollywood was by sitting on him bareback during the sale. Here are a few pictures of the boys.
Waiting their turn.

The biding begins....
Casey is looking pretty pleased so far.
And Hollywood sold for $13,000! Whoo-hoo. I am so proud of my hubby. The buyer needed a gentle horse for trail rides and Hollywood fit perfectly.


Katie K said...

WOW! I love hearing tales from life on the ranch!

Tiffany said...

Hey, if he ever has a decent horse he wouldn't mind getting rid of cheaply, give me a call!! Just kidding, we don't have a place for a horse :( Someday, I'll have a horse again.