Monday, September 21, 2009

10 year reunion

This weekend we traveled to Merkel for Casey's 10 year high school reunion.The weekend was packed with activities not to mention trying to squeeze in family time too. Friday night we went to the football game where there were plenty of people to visit with. We stayed out late catching up and enjoying old friends. Saturday we took Avery to the park to meet other classmates' kids and play. Casey was able to play a game of golf with several of the guys which he really enjoyed. That night, we joined the class once more for dinner at the Beehive (yum) and then caught the end of the Texas vs. Tech game at his uncle's house. It was so fun to see high school friends and what everyone has been doing. Since I also went to Merkel, I knew as many people as he did. Sadly, amongst the craziness, I didn't get hardly any pictures to document the experience :( It did make me look forward to my 10 year reunion next fall - even though we are feeling old since we have been out of high school for 10 years!
Merkel High School class of 1999. It was a pretty good turnout at dinner with 47 alum and their significant others out of a graduating class of about 100.
Swinging at the park with Dad

About to ride in the Gator at Uncle Darin and Mam's house. Donkeys Shrek and Fiona are in the background.
Hugging her cousin Creek in the car.
Four cousins crammed in the back of the suburban. Avery (2), Creek (6), Chloe (3), Boone (4).

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Katie K said...

What? 10 year reunions? Bo keeps giving me a hard time that I am supposed to be planning ours... Bet it was fun to tell the story of how you and Casey ended up together!