Sunday, May 3, 2009

Random Post

This is a random posting with random pictures mostly of Avery over the past month. She is so funny and does the silliest things around the house. I usually try to catch them on the camera for laughs. Enjoy!
She had to have her hair wrapped up like mom's after a shower! Such a girl.
Not sure how she managed to get her babydoll stroller in the chair and sit it it without falling off??We had a big storm with hail, tornados nearby, and lots of rain. Afterwards, there was a beautiful rainbow outside our house.
It's hard to see, but you could see the whole arch and both sides down to the ground of the rainbow.
Testing out her froggy mud boots after the rain.She loves these boots!
Helping make cookies. Scooping, stirring, and spilling the flour in her lap.Tasting the flour... she wasn't impressed.
Modeling Dad's cowboy hat.
Yes, she is wearing a swimsuit (wim-wuit) and driving her car around the house.


Beal Family said...

She is precious! We miss you all!!

themac's said...

I LOVE the rain boots. Maddie has a pair of lady bug rain shoes and if there is a cloud in the sky...she has them on!

Katie K said...

I must get those boots in my size to wear in the horse stall!

Austin and Ashley Evans said...

she is TOO CUTE!!!