Saturday, May 16, 2009

Cowboy Artists

This past week, the 6666 ranch hosted the Cowboy Artists of America Trailride. Famous artists camped on the ranch and participated in some of the branding that the cowboys did. They took pictures the whole time, so we are hoping that one of them will decide to paint one and we'll see it in a few years. We all got to eat with them from the chuckwagon Thursday night. It was so interesting to visit with the artists and their wives. Casey got a book with a page on each artist that they personally signed during the dinner. I was so mad at myself because I forgot my camera, so the only pictures I have are ones that I got from my friend Shawna. Her little boy, Hazen, is Avery's best bud up here. They ran around playing and amused everyone.
This is called the flap (although I think it just looks like a tent??). The chuckwagon is underneath it. It's amazing what all the cook can make in this outdoor kitchen. We had steak, chicken, mac-n-cheese, beans, salad, spinach, bread, and pineapple upside down cake.
Pulling on the rope... I just knew it was going to fall down any minute!
Hazen decided to play peek-a-boo under Red Stegall's legs!
Yes, this is Hazen laying a big kiss on Avery as she clings to Casey's let. It's cute now, but Casey doesn't think it will be so funny when they are 16!

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