Sunday, October 26, 2008

Pumpkin Patch

Saturday I took Avery to a pumpkin patch nearby with a couple ladies from our Sunday School class and their children. The weather was nice and it wasn't too crowded so I basically just followed Avery around while she explored the place. There were some bunnies, ducks, and geese to look at (which Avery loved), tons of pumpkins, corn to play in, bean bag toss, and even a big and small maze for the kids. Avery had a blast and I enjoyed watching her play. Here are some pictures to show her fun day.

Apparently she thought she would just pick the pumpkin herself! She got tripped up alot in the actual pumpkin patch because of all the vines.

The "mini maze." Avery went over several of the hay bales which eliminated the actual point of the maze, but oh well - she was having fun.
Taking a break.
Throwing the corn (after trying to taste it)!

Playing peak-a-BOO! She's so cute :)

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tlnew said...

She's so precious! I'm so glad you're enjoying her. What a gift! I can tell you're a wonderful mom. Way to go, Linz! Love ya! Terri