Tuesday, October 21, 2008

The 6666 Ranch

As most of you know, we moved to Borger for Casey to accept a job working on the 6666 Ranch. He absolutely loves his job and he is so talented at what he does - from training horses, branding calves, roping, doctoring sick yearlings, and even feeding and checking his part of the ranch. Personally, I would have no concept of a "real" ranch or what it consisted of except for the fact that I married a cowboy and moved to one :) So for all you "city folk" I thought I would give you a glimpse of where we live on the ranch. The 6666 Ranch in Borger is about 130,000 acres large. Avery and I went with Casey yesterday to put out mineral for the cows. I took some pics along the way.
Helping Daddy drive. No carseats required on the ranch!

Yes, the windmills really are used to pump water into these troughs for the cattle and horses to drink out of. The water is stored underground and is crystal clear. Casey made me taste it to prove it was clean and sure enough, it tasted fine. We passed about 6 windmills yesterday while Casey was putting out mineral.

The blocks of mineral weigh 50 pounds each. The cows lick the nutrients off of the blocks until they are gone. Sounds strange, doesn't it?
This is our new house. Obviously it is not finished, but we have been told that we might hopefully move in 2 weeks from now. We are excited as our time in the duplex has become more and more cramped. I will take more pics of the house when we get moved in for everyone to see.

We would love to have visitors if anyone wants to see the ranch or ride a horse! We are loving living here and so blessed to experience God's beautiful creation on a daily basis.


Helen Keller said...

the pics are so awesome!!! can't wait to see the new house!!! love ya!

BeausMom said...

What a beautiful place to raise your sweet family!!

Jillian Myers said...

Lindsey, I'm so glad that you posted this. Its great to see where you live and more of what Casey does and such...I'll be sure to read this post to Andrew and Lilly after their naps. What a nice to be and how wonderful for ya'll that you and Casey get to do what you love most!