Saturday, March 17, 2012

Spring Break and then some...

We have had some fun around here the past month. These pics are all out of order, but I kept adding and adding so here they are....

Taos, Avery and Carson climbing on the hay bales.
Celebrating my 30th birthday a little early with my two helpers. It is hard to blow out 30 candles alone!

Spring Break friend trip to the zoo. The weather was gorgeous. We had 14 kiddos and 6 mommas! What a crazy and fun day. The ones who made it in the picture are from left: Taos, Avery, Carson, Averi, Brynlee, Carter, Ellie, Lawson, & Callie.

My happy boy!

These pics are from before spring break, but I had to put them on my blog. Casey and I got to take a ski trip with good friends - the Cochrans and Gibsons. Here we are relaxing in our condo... I wish we could go back soon!

Tiffany, Courtney, and I enjoying the hot tub

The gang skiing - Tiffany, Jason, Courtney, Phil, Casey, and me

Beautiful view from our balcony of Durango mountain

Ready to hit the slopes on the day

Courtney and me having a blast

The girls on the mountain in Colorado

My sweet baby is growing up too fast

Avery made a huge pile of pillow and was jumping off the chair into the pile!!

And of course Taos had to do the same!

Over spring break we had family and friends help with some branding. Here are the troops gathering the cattle.

Avery and her best buddy Hazen waiting on instructions.

Avery and Hazen riding back to the herd.

Casey chasing a cow

Penning the cattle Boone is giving the shots of medicine

Casey chasing some more

Now Boone is chasing one down the fence

Casey and Josh

Casey, Avery, Hazen, and Boone

This is one good looking cowboy... who knew he is only 22 months! The boy has no chance but to grow up and be a cowboy like his daddy :)

Casey in the pens

Our sweet niece Bella

The kids working the herd

Rylan hanging out on the fence

Avery and Hazen

Rylan, Taos, and Bella with front row seats

My handsome man

Posey and Avery

The spectators!

Avery and Carson riding in the round pen at our house and having a blast!!


Eric and Steph said...

Love all your pics! Your ski trip looked so fun!!

Send me your bday pics from the other not on fb anymore so I wont be able to see them there!:)

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