Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Christmas so far....

It feels like we have been looking forward to Christmas for the last few months and it is HERE! So far, we have already celebrated with family and are anticipating more fun times this week and weekend.

Family Christmas card picture 2011
The traditional "cousin lineup" picture with the 5 cousins and spouses/children. Left to right in chronological order: Taos, Avery, Sarah (my cousin), Kallie (my sister-in-law), Betsy (my cousin), Evan (married to my cousin Callie), Callie, Lance (my brother), Me, Casey

My cousins, brother, and kid with my grandpa - Pop

Avery's Sonshine choir sang Christmas songs at church a couple weeks ago. We were so proud of how pretty she looked and how she sang all the words to the songs. She is in the front row, 4th from the left.

Taos opening his first present of this Christmas season at my Pop's house.

Avery was SOOO excited to open presents this year!

Modeling her new "side purse" from her big cousins

Playing with his new cow toy and holding his puppy dog "Kate"

Evan, Avery, and Callie

Cas, Me, Taos (and the puppy)

Avery with Betsy modeling Taos' coonskin hat that he was scared of when we tried to put it on his head!

I guess Avery didn't want to wear it either!

And at the end of the night he was super tired and only wanted to hold the camera - NOT smile for anymore pictures!

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