Saturday, January 8, 2011


I love bath pictures! Kids are so sweet and look so happy when they are taking a bath. Both of my children LOVE baths. I think they could play in there for hours if the water never got cold. Taos has been taking a bath with Avery for the past couple months as he is now able to sit up well and not fall over into the water. He even crawls around in there trying to capture the cup I use to rinse their hair out. Once he gets it, he just holds it in his lap and is a happy guy. If he doesn't have the cup occupying his hands he is usually splashing as hard as he can which eventually triggers Avery asking me to get him out. Avery wasn't in the picture mood while taking her bath today - the only one I got of her, of course Taos isn't looking. But I still love the bath pics!

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