Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Moore Christmas

Our first family Christmas of the season was last weekend. The "Moore" Family gets together the 2nd weekend in December every year. We all eat and play games and visit.... only on a baby's first Christmas does anyone bring gifts. Taos was honored to receive lots of great gifts for his first Christmas. The Moore family is my grandpa's (Pop) 4 siblings and their families. Taos is named after this side of the family - Taos Crawford - Crawford is my Pop's middle name and was his mother's maiden name.
My brother Lance and his wife Kallie, Pop and us.
This is an annual "pose" that our parents force us to still take even though, as you can see, my children are now in the shot. This is the grandkids (and now additional spouses and children) in chronological order. Taos, Avery, Sarah (cousin), Kallie (sister-in-law), Betsy (cousin), Evan (married to my cousin Callie), Callie, Lance (brother), me, Casey.
I debated taking the "funny" shot off the blog because of my husband's embarassing pose, but hey - obviously he knew it was going to be in the picture so here it is.... lovely.
Lance, Kallie, and Taos
Opening his first Christmas present. Sweet.
Avery helping out.
My Aunt Mary Francis made Taos this adorable cap. It looks precious on him.
Avery trying to unwrap a present with huge gloves on - a game we played. While Aunt Karla is busy putting her bow back in - very important.
Taos wasn't feeling too hot the next morning so here he is taking a precious nap on mommy.
Think she was tired on the way home? This looks so uncomfortable.
They both slept the first 3 hours! Priceless is the key word here!

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