Monday, May 10, 2010

More pictures

A look at what we've been up to...
Snuggles with Daddy
Loving on his Posey
Meeting big cousin Boone
I walked out of the living room for 5 minutes and when I came back, Avery had given (stacked) Taos some toys to play with... wasn't that nice :)
Avery and Taos under all the toys
She loves holding her little brother :) It makes my heart melt
Oh, and I had to include these - American Idol meets Dancing with the Stars... not sure where the 3 pair of sunglasses fit in???
Serious about her singing!


Colby and Joanna said...

I just love the pictures of Avery holding sweet Taos, these two will be the best of friends! :)

tlnew said...

he is such a handsome little man and Avery is so cute! Maybe she'll be on American Idle some day-see I told you that you could sing and you never believed me ha Have Fun! Terri

Erin and Anthony said...

Avery is so cute!! I love how she "helped" Taos have some toys to play with. And the three pairs of sunglasses are priceless!!!