Sunday, February 28, 2010


Casey has been "checking heifer's" at the ranch lately as they are all having baby calves. He makes sure they are not in distress or have a dead calf, etc. Occasionally, a momma cow will abandon her calf neglecting to feed or care for it. Casey found this calf last week tagging along with others, but very weak from not being fed and brought him up to the barn. Now it stays in a stall and Casey has to feed it a bottle twice a day. The little thing is practically tame now and will let you pet it and touch it during feeding time. Avery loves to go help daddy feed the baby cow she has so lovingly named "Cafey." Last night, Avery's friends came over and we took them to the barn to feed Cafey with us. All the girls loved petting the calf and watching Casey feed it the bottle. That calf can suck the bottle down faster than anything I've ever seen! When he's finished, he nudges his head around on everyone's legs looking for more milk. Cafey will have to be fed twice a day for 3 or 4 months when he can survive on water, grass, and feed alone. Sorry the pics aren't very clear - my flash wasn't strong enough in the dark stall.
Avery holding the bottle for Cafey.
Brynne and Avery helping.
Gentrie, Aves, and Brynne with Cafey.

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