Wednesday, June 24, 2009

The Swimming Hole

There is a tank on our ranch that is called the swimming hole. I mean literally, you can swim in it. The water is pretty clean for a tank as water runs into it constantly from a pipe. We tried it out last week and had a blast. I didn't get too many pictures this time, but will maybe add more later this summer from our swims. It's so convenient to drive down to the tank when Casey gets off work for a dip in the water and it feels great after a hot day. We just got Avery a life jacket today, but she did great with the floaties this trip in the water. She has no complaints if she is "swimming."
Casey and Avery floating around in the water.
Avery's ready to get in the water. The sides of the tank are like beach entrances - shallow then gradually get deeper which is great for her to play in. She had fun scooping up mud with her hands and "giving" it to our dog Kate who was hanging out under the truck in the shade.
This is what we call the high dive that someone made several years ago. I'm not sure how high it is, but Casey is 6'2'' so you can tell that he's not even to the water yet and a couple feet below the board. The tank is deep in the center and no one has touched the bottom yet... not that I would want to! You can see the zip line coming down from the platform, but unfortunately it is tangled up and not functioning. We are hoping to get it fixed before the end of the summer.

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